Basic Marriage Counseling

None of us want to be guilty of cookie-cutter counseling but who wants to start with a blank sheet every time you sit down with a couple? In this workshop, Bigney shares some of the elements and issues he’s learned to address in most of his marriage counseling cases. These elements should be customized for each couple, and the timing and sequence can be adjusted as necessary, but most couples share some of the same sinful struggles and often lack some of the same biblical insights.

Download Outline

Master First Session
Scripture Reading Passages
Where Are You Spiritually? (Keller)
Things to Explore
Scripture Memory Verses
Homework Triplicate Form
Log List Exercise (Matt. 7:3-5)
Faith in Counseling
Milton Vincent – Forgiveness Sermons
Identifying Personal Idols
Common Idols
How to Repent of Idols Booklet
Idolatry Repentance Plan
Repentance in Counseling
Thinking Chart With Train
Thinking Chart – How Do We Process Life?
Y Diagram
Prayer Journal
Counseling Testimony
Assessment Before Ending Counseling