Evangelism / Apologetics


What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity

by Jeremiah Johnston

Evangelism as Exiles

Life on Mission as Strangers in our Own Land

by Elliot Clark

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

With Answers

by Mark Mittelberg

The Problem of God

Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to Christianity

by Mark Clark

Have No Fear

Being Salt and Light Even When It’s Costly

by John Lennox

Engaging with Atheists

Understanding Their World – Sharing Good News

by David Robertson

A Gentle Answer

Our “Secret Weapon” in an Age of Us Against Them

by Scott Sauls

The Story of Reality

How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between

by Gregory Koukl

Finding God at Harvard

Spiritual Journeys of Thinking Christians

by Kelly Monroe Kullberg

Surprised by Oxford

A Memoir

by Carolyn Weber

One to One Bible Reading

A Simple Guide for Every Christian

by David Helm

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

by Nabeel Qureshi

Stop Witnessing...and Start Loving

by Paul Borthwick

Long Journey Home

A Guide to Your Search for the Meaning of Life

by Os Guinness

The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist

by Larry Alex Taunton

Who Made God?

Searching for a Theory of Everything

by Edgar Andrews

God Space

Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally

by Doug Pollock

Reasons We Believe

50 Lines of Evidence That Confirm the Christian Faith

by Paul Borthwick

Honest Evangelism

How to Talk About Jesus Even When it’s Tough

by Rico Tice

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

by J. I. Packer

The Making of an Atheist

How Immorality Leads to Unbelief

by James S. Spiegel

I Will Never Become a Christian

Seven Reasons Challenged

by Peter Jeffery

The Reason for God

Belief in an Age of Skepticism

by Timothy Keller

Reason to Believe

A Response to Common Objections to Christianity

by R. C. Sproul

The Unexpected Journey

Conversations with People Who Turned from Other Beliefs to Jesus

by Thom S. Rainer

Becoming a Contagious Christian

by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg

Just Walk Across the Room

Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith

by Bill Hybels

Easy Chairs, Hard Words

Conversations on the Liberty of God

by Douglas Wilson


A Dream of Reason Meeting Unbelief

by Douglas Wilson

The Rage Against God

How Atheism Led Me to Faith

by Peter Hitchens

Conversations with Catholics

Catholic Tradition in Light of Biblical Truth

by James G. McCarthy

The Dark Side of Islam

by R. C. Sproul and Abdul Saleeb

One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven

by Mark Cahill

Dallas and the Spitfire

An Old Car, an Ex-Con, and an Unlikely Friendship

by Ted Kluck and Dallas Jahncke