December 2020

Passion for Christ

What do you do with the counselee who keeps going back to their sin again and again – even after you’ve already taught ‘Put Off / Put On’ from Eph. 4? What do you do with people who don’t seem to have power to say ‘No’ to their sin? After 30 years of counseling, Pastor …

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Ministry for a Lifetime

Very few people finish well. And the statistics among Christian workers and leaders isn’t significantly better than the rest of the world. Brad points to some biblical themes that can keep you serving the Lord whole-heartedly, year after year, for as long as God leaves you here! Download Outline

Making the Most of Homework

Do you need a reminder and some fresh ideas for how to use homework effectively? Homework is one thing that distinguishes biblical counseling from most of the other models. Despite the importance of it, most biblical counselors struggle to balance the use of good homework without overloading the counselee with mere ‘busy work.’ After counseling …

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