When Marriage and Mercy Collide Conference

After 35 years of marriage, Vicki and I are convinced more than ever that God designed marriage to be one of the sweetest things on earth. But that sweetness is not automatic, because marriage – more than any other relationship – pushes to the surface and exposes our sin and selfishness in a way that can be shocking and disheartening to everyone involved.

And we certainly don’t have all the answers but God has taught us some painful and life-changing truths that were learned in the furnace of affliction and the trenches of marital conflict about how to lay a strong marriage foundation, how to solve problems biblically, and how to add the sweetness of mercy and forgiveness to your marriage.


Typical Schedule
A typical conference consists of Friday night and Saturday until about 4:00 PM but I am happy to adjust the conference to whatever serves you and your church family best. At times, churches will choose to have me stay and preach on Sunday. In those cases, I typically preach a message on forgiveness that would fit well with the marriage conference as well as serve the broader church family who did not attend the conference.

Examples of Past Conferences

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Booking in Advance

Add form: “To learn more about booking a conference, e-mail: [email protected]

Conference Guidelines

  • Be willing to cover the cost of promoting the event and take care of all registration, etc.
  • If flying, allow Brad and Vicki to purchase their own airline tickets [they don’t fly first class :)] and reimburse him for the tickets. If driving, please reimburse him for mileage
  • Cover the cost of Brad and Vicki staying in a hotel during the conference – preferably one near the church or event site, as well as one that has a breakfast and exercise room
  • Be willing to purchase, direct from the publisher (P&R), a case of Brad’s book, Gospel Treason, and then be responsible for having a table on site at the conference to sell them or make them available in your normal resource area. Typically, selling the books at $10/each will cover your cost [You can purchase a case direct from P&R by calling 1-800-631-0094, ext. 1 (Order Dept.) or email [email protected]]
  • Be willing to print outlines that correspond to each conference session in a handout or notebook format, so that registrants can track with the main points, quotes, etc. Also, have PPT available in each session that Brad can use with his talks
  • Honorarium and additional expenses will be discussed before confirming a conference date